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67's Booster Club
#2- Karol Sloboda

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Karol's Welcome


Now remember that Karol's first language is not English, we think he did a pretty good job answering his questions none the less.  Please also remember that we had to reword some of the questions for him as well as Lukas (who will come as a Spotlight in a few weeks) in order to insure that they understood totally.

Where is your home?

Bratislava, Slovakia

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

One brother, 22.

What is your favorite NHL team?

I don't have one, probably, I don't have a favorite, maybe Boston.

Which NHL player do you think you play like?

I play like myself, I like to play like myself, I don't wanna be like the other guys. (Believe it or not, Karol is the FIRST guy to say that, way to go Karol!  Mind you we didn't hassle him for an answer either.)

Are you living with a billet? And if you do, do you live with another 67's or just by yourself?

Who I live? I live with billet.  Yeah and Lukas Mensator.

What is your favorite dinner meal?

Chicken with rice.

What is your favorite movie?

Forty Days, Forty Nights.

What is the greatest thing you have ever done in your life?

Like in Hockey?  The best thing, hard question.  I don't know really.  Playing in the world juniors.

What is your favorite cartoon?

Tom and Jerry!

What is your most memorable Halloween costume?

Oh, Halloween, we don't have it in my country. 

What TV show do you always have to watch?

Oh, Friends.

Date Of Birth: May 16th, 1983.
Hometown:  Bratislava, Slovakia
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight:  200lbs  
Acquired: 1st Round pick, 62nd overall, 2001 CHL Import Draft from the Dukla Trencin Juniors
NHL?:  Camp Invitation to the Boston Bruins