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67's Booster Club
#3- Carter Trevisani

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Carter's Welcome


Where is your hometown?

Carlisle, Ontario.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I have one sister, Joy.

What is favorite NHL team?

The Toronto Maple Leafs

Which NHL Player do you think your play most resembles?

Scott Neidermayer (New Jersey Devils)

Are you living with a billet? If so do you live along or with another player?

Ah, yes I do live with a billet and I also live with Chris Hardill.  My billets are John and Judy.

What is your favorite diner meal?

Steak and potatoes I guess.

What is your favorite movie?

I really like the Lord of the Rings movie, the two of them.

According to you, what is your greatest achievement?

That's a tough one, (silence) I guess playing for the Ottawa 67's and being drafted to the Carolina Hurricanes. 

Who is you favorite talk show host?

Conan O'Brien.

You've been asked to name the eighth wonder of the world, what is it?

Oh geezzz!  Thats really hard!  Thats something Id have to think about for a while, I'm not too sure.  I'll say the Parliament buildings.  That sounds good.

Pretend that your doorbell just rang.  It could be ANYONE standing at your door, dead or alive, who would it be?

Who would I want it to be?  Oh well then (In a joking voice) what kind of questions are these?  (We all laugh)  No, no, seriously, I really don't know.  I'll say Tiger Woods.

After Carter thought so hard about the wonders and the person at his door we were hoping that he would be able to have some energy left for our little game, luckily he did:

When is the last time you went shopping?

About a week ago.

When is the last time you played fooze ball?


When is the last time you ate carrots?

A couple of days ago maybe.

When is the last time you talked to your sister?

Last night

When is the last time you watched a scary movie?

A month ago, I don't know what it was... (At this point Carter turns to Lou Dickenson and asks him what the last scary movie he say was, Lou answers with , "I C U", but then Carter is disappointed that Lou's answers don't count right now because this is HIS interview) I saw Glass House a while ago, I guess that was pretty scary. (Lou laughs at Carter we turn to Lou and say, "Shhh, he's having trouble let him think it's scary." We all laugh except for Carter) Hey, it was scary!  (Lou laughs again)

When is the last time you went home?


When is the last time you were interviewed other then us?

That's no good, I've never been interviewed other then you, let's say three weeks ago, that sounds good.

Date Of Birth: June 15th, 1982.
Hometown:  Carlisle, Ontario
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight:  207 lbs  
Acquired: Ottawa, 9th Round (1999)
NHL:  Carolina Hurricanes