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67's Booster Club
#5- Russ Moyer

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Russ' Welcome


Trying to come up with a witty introduction to tell all you fans what Russ did when he came in is hard. Why? Because when I got around to writing this I realized that I do not remember what he did!  In replace of the usual step by step of the player's entrance I will give you a little introduction as to who Russ is and why he not only a such great player but a great person.  Russ won the rookie of the year award during his first season with the 67's.  Since then, he has also won best defensive player.  This season he won runner up for the best defensive players.  Russ has been with the 67's for four years now and is sadly playing out this last season as a 67.  This year he has been named Assistant Captain and was even promoted to captain while Brendan Bell was away play for Team Canada in the World Juniors.  He is loved by so many fans and for good reason.  His attitude towards projects surrounding the team and the fans is extraordinarily superb.  Here is Russ interview:


Where is your hometown?

North Bay, Ontario, Canada.  It's located about four hours North West of here.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yeah, I have one brother, Beau.  He is 21 and goes to school in Wisconsin.

What is your favorite NHL team?

The (Toronto Maple) Leafs

Which NHL player do you think your play most resembles?

Brian Rafalski (New Jersey Devils)

Are you living with a billet? If so, do you live with another player or by yourself?

Yes, I live with a billet, but I live alone.

What is your favorite dinner meal?

Cabbage Rolls!

What is your favorite movie?

Ummm I don't know, JackAss.  (We then asked Russ if we could actually write that on the Internet, we was sure we could so there it is!)

According to you, what is your greatest achievement?

Personally? I don't know.  I guess winning the OHL championship.

Who was the best teacher you have ever had?  What did they teach you?  What grade where you in?

Probably Mr. Cardonie from back home, he was my grade 9 and 10 Math teacher.

What is the weirdest food that you have ever eaten?

Some stuff at a Shawarma place.  We ate stuff at a Shawarma place one night when we went out, that's about it.

What plays by Shakespeare have you read in school or out?

I've read Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Julius Caesar.  I think that's it.

What do you think is the ugliest animal alive?

(Russ laughs) An Armadillo (We all laugh)

The last time that you went home and came back to Ottawa, what did you forget?

I forgot my shaving cream, and my toothbrush.  I forgot my toiletries.

In your four years here, what do you think has been the best part about playing with the 67's?

The good fan support every game and the good guys that like to have fun because I like to have fun!

If hockey does not work out for you, what do you think you will do?

I will probably take business at University, so wherever that takes me I guess. 

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

Probably the Exorcist

If you had to become one other player on the 67's, who would you be and why?

I'd be Corey Locke cause he scores lots of points I don't really know.

What is the one thing that Brian Kilrea has taught you that you will always remember?

(After thinking for a bit Russ answered) That I should be a defenceman not a forward.  I should not always jump up into the play every time I guess.

What scares you?

(Russ Laughs) Nothing.  (We tell Russ that everyone is scared of something and if he said nothing then we would be forced to tell everyone that his ture fear if of the furiouse beast that is a kitten!  Russ changed his mind very quickely) DEATH I guess, I don't know! (We laughed at his sudden change of heart)

Who is your favorite talk show host?

Craig Kilbourn


Let the games begin! If that was not enough Russ for you here is where Russ plays the "When is the Last Time You" game.

When is the last time you talked to your brother?

On the Phone or Computer (We told him either was fine.)  Okay then, last night.

When is the last time you ate Oreos?

I don't remember (Russ looked pensively at the ceiling and nodded answering) probably a few years ago. (Laughter)

When is the last time that you listened to John Mayer?

OH! Yesterday! (Russ laughs) Oh Wait! Actually today!

When is the last time played golf?

September, beginning of September.

When is the last time you went to a NHL game?

3 weeks ago I think, it was against Columbus.

When is the last time you flew in a plane?

On the way back from Regina.

When is the last time you drank Pepsi?

Last night

Date Of Birth: August 9th, 1982
Hometown: North Bay, Ontario
Height: 5 foot 11
Weight: 180 lbs
Acquired: Ottawa, 6th Round, 114th Overall (1999)
Other Information: Russ won the Bill Patterson Award in 1999 (Rookie of the Year) and the Best Defenseman of the year award for the 2001-2002 season.  He also won the runner up for best defensive player at this years Booster Club Awards Banquet.


Moyer's Past "Ask A Player"s:
What is your name?: Guylaine
What is your question?: Were do you think you will be playing next year?
Russ Said: "I plan on going to university.  I'm not sure which one yet but I hope to play hockey for them."