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Official Ottawa 67's Booster Club
#51- Lukas Mensator

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Lukas' Information:
Date Of Birth:
August 18th, 1984
Sokolov, Czech Rep.
5 foot 8
Ottawa 67's, 2002 European Draft, 1st round, 4th overall
Vancouver Canucks, 2002 NHL Draft, Round 3, 83rd overall
Green Mile
Sheryl Crow
TV Show:
The Simpsons

Lukas' Past Season Stats:

2002-2003 Season Spotlight


We were amazed at the progress of Lukas' English.  At the beginning of the season he could barely speak a word and he was just flying when we got to sit down with him.  We had to rearrange some of the questions but Lukas was on top of his game the whole interview! 

Where are you from?

Czech Republic, the city is named Sokolov.

Do you have any brothers or sister?

I have one sister.  She is 28.

What is you favorite NHL team?

Vancouver Canucks.

Which NHL player do you think you play like?

Oh me? I don't know. I like Curtis Joseph, for some reason I like him.

Do you live with a family and do you live alone or do you live with another player?

Yes, I live with a family.  I live with Karol (Sloboda).

What is your favorite supper?

Chicken Fingers.

What is your favorite movie?

I don't know, Green Mile.

What do you think is the best thing that you have done with your life so far?

Being drafted to the NHL, being drafted to Vancouver.

Have you ever met anyone famous? A Celebrity?

(Lukas laughs) I don't know, maybe Jaramir Jagr? (You have met him?) Yes, I have met him.

What is your favorite English word?

Really or sure (he laughs very hard) Yeah! Really or sure!

What is your favorite ice cream?