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67's Booster Club
Thank You

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This site is run by two people that form the Booster Club Web Team, but nothing is possible without the help and cooperation of others.  The Booster Club Executive thanked their volunteers in the last 'Offside' News Letter and we would like to thank the people that helped with this site (with interviews, features, ideas, and comments) right here.  Thank you to everyone that helped us along the way this season.  So, in no particular order...

Mr. and Mrs. Moyer ~ We've already said what we needed to say but we still want to thank you again for always being so kind and open with us.
Mr. and Mrs. Tsimikalis and Maria ~ Kindness is reciprocatedwith kindness and that's why our conversations will never be short of it.  We're looking forward to seeing you next season.
Gail and Joy Trevisani ~ Thank you for your time and for the pictures!
Mrs. Sheppard ~ Thank you for all of you help and for the pictures.  You saved us at the last minute! Those farming terms can be tricky! *laughs*
Mrs. Smyth ~ Thank you for insights into the real Adam.
Sandy ~ You not only knew exactly what to tell us for Adam's feature, but you also knew how to make us laugh.  If Adam doesn't come back next year.....can you billet us?!
Camp Otterdale ~ Thanks for all your help.
Adam ~ We always knew you weren't as tough as you seem.  Thanks for being 'Ok' with the embarassing stories and keeping other players inline for us.
Rod ~ Next time you hear whispering, in a room don't open the door and yell, "Who are you hiding from?!" Because we were hiding!  Thanks for everything though, "U Da Baum!"
Brendan ~ "Public figure" or not, you still gave a lot of time, thank you.
Albi ~  Or should we call you Matthew?  Thanks for coming to school when you didn't have to, to meet with us.  That side of campus oozes smartness....and it scared us. 
Pierre ~ Don't hang up your skates just yet, it's summertime!  Thanks for all you've done.    It only took you 'til the playoffs, but it's ok, you're a good guy.  "Hi, Pierre!" You're now an honorary member of our AL Fan Club.
Vinny ~ You rock!  Thanks for meeting with us.  We are vicious, thank you... and next time you can pay Mr. Intellect.

Carter ~ Thanks for being so nice to us.  Trevisani's could you lose!!!  This is not the end.  This is not even the beginning of the end.  It is simply the end of the beginning.
Russ ~ How many times can we say thanks and goodbye?  Too many.  So instead we'll say thanks and see ya later!  There's three things you should have learned from us while you were here: 1) Eric Lindros and Andre Roy are not bums.  2) It's your fault we like John Mayer.  3) The Moyer Fan Club will never die.  So.....later Canoe-King!
Brian Kilrea ~ Thank you for sharing your time and wisdom.
Sharon ~ Every time we had to go to the rink throughout the season, you were always a warm heart on a cold day.
Samia ~ We know your not the biggest hockey fan, but thanks for listening to us gab, complain and commentate about our favorite sport.   Thanks for being the hammer for our writer's block.
Jenny ~ Thanks for being the representative of the younger generation.  We'll always be your 'teen-age' friends.  You are an honorary member of the AL Fan Club too. 
Everyone who sent us an Ask A Player ~ Thanks for your questions and we hope to hear from you again next season.
And finally to the Booster Club Executives:
Jo. C. ~ It's an honor to be part of this Booster Club.  Hope we didn't drive you crazy on the way to Oshawa.
Kim-Ann ~ We live to make you blush with our funny stories.  Thanks for being so accepting.
Ken and Jo ~ Thanks for putting up with our crazy ideas, and helping get them off the ground.  There are no words that can completely thank you for what you've done.  Jo we're going to go "crusin'" in the summer.  Ken, don't wear out the CD.