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Official Ottawa 67's Booster Club
#84- Corey Locke

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Corey with OHL Commissioner Dave Branch when he was presented the OHL's Most Outstanding player Award for the 2002-2003 Season.

Corey's Information:
Date Of Birth:
May 8th, 1984
New Market, Ontario
5 foot 8
4th round, 80th overall, 2000 OHL Priority Selection from the Markham Islanders.
Montreal Canadians, 2003 NHL Draft, 4th round, 113th overall.
2002-2003 Fan Favorite with the 67's,
2002-2003 Best Offensive Player with the 67's,
2002-2003 Player Select Award with the 67's,
2002-2003 Ontario Hockey League Red Tilson Trophy (Most Outstanding Player),
2002-2003 Ontario Hockey League Eddie Powers Trophy (League Leading Scorer),
2002-2003 Canadian Hockey League Player of the Year
Top Gun
50 Cent
TV Show:
Other Information:
Locke played for the Newmarket Hurricanes before becoming an Ottawa 67.

Corey's Past Season Stats:

Locke's Past "Ask A Player":
What is your name?: Gillian
Who is your question for?: Corey Locke
What is your question?: Why does Corey Locke always come on the ice last?
Corey said:  "I do it because of superstition.  I have always been the last one on the ice.  I have done it all through hockey, even when I was younger."
What is your name?: Kelsey
How old are you?: 15 years old
What is your question?: Do you ever get nervous before the games knowing that there are so many people watching you?
Corey said: "At first I use to get nervous, but not anymore.  I don't get nervous because of the crowd, but I sometimes get nervous when we have a really big game coming up.  But I really like big crowds, it's really exciting."

2002-2003 Season Spotlight

After going to the rink more then a few times, we finally got to sit down with Corey.  This player is hard to get a hold of with the Canada training camp break, sickness, lateness and other Hockey Club events.  Here are the answers to Corey's questions:

Where is your hometown?

Newmarket, Ontario

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yeah, one.  Kyle, he's 15.

What is your favorite NHL team?

The Toronto Maple Leafs.

Which NHL Player do you think your play most resembles?

Joe Sakic.

Are you living with a billet? If so, do you live alone or with another player?

Yes I live with Patty and Carl.  I also live with Peter Tsimikalis.

What is your favorite dinner meal?

Steak and baked potatoes.

What is your favorite movie?

What is my favorite movie? The Rock..

According to you, what is your greatest achievement?

Oh my, are you serious? (we laugh, why would we ask a question we didn't mean?) I don't know, where I've come so far with my hockey career.

What is the most exciting thing you have ever done in your whole life?

(Here we tell Corey that after this the questions get a little different) Yeah, no kidding!  Jumping off of a cliff at a cottage (Into water? We ask him worried) Yes, yes into water, of course, (note-sarcasm in the next line)  I like to land on my head (Corey laughs, we did not)

Has a sign ever distracted you in the stands?

No, no, not distract us, we look at them but they are not distracting.

What is the one gift you will always remember giving someone? And why?

Oh my gosh! These questions are hard, did everyone else have trouble? (Nope, no one else had the last few questions we just asked.) Did I get all the hard ones? (we laugh and tell him no, then go one to say that Carter Trevisani got the hard ones) Okay let me think about this I have no clue (Corey thinks and we help him come up with) A picture frame that I made for my mom on Valentines days.

Has a fan ever given you a gift? Can you name some of them?

Pictures, I always get pictures or a box of chocolates, a teddy bear...

What is the best birthday present you have ever received?

Birthday present? A set of golf clubs.

We know that being away from home can be hard, but one is the one thing that you DO NOT miss?

The one thing I don't miss... some of the conflicts between friends that you don't have to be involved with, you know?

If hockey doesn't work out for you, what do you think you'll do?

I'll go into business and start some sort of business for sure.

If someone was to open up your CD player right now, what would they find?

A mixed CD, it's full of everything.

If you had to become one other player on the 67's who would you be and why?

I'd be Brendan Bell because of his leadership and his qualities on and off the ice.

What is the most annoying song in the world?

(Corey laughs) Not really any specific song, I don't like Jazz, so I'll say jazz.

If you had to become on animal what would you be?

A Lion.

Corey moved along quickly so his game was certain to be just as quick.

Have you ever won first prize in anything?

Yes, in hockey tournaments.

Have you ever flown in a plane?


Have you ever waited in line for more then an hour and a half for something?


Have you ever been to a real farm?


Have you ever thrown everything under your bed and told your mom that your room was clean?

No (we look at Corey with disbelief) I swear.. okay fine...

Have you ever accidentally burned yourself?


Have you ever been to any of Canadas Territories?