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Through the OHL

CHAPTER THREE- October 7th, 2003


Not very much happened these past two weeks, but we did have a huge weekend.  The home-opener on October 3rd, against Mississauga, was a pretty exciting night.  It was great to see all of the fans in the stands.  The fans always make the game better when they are loud.  We also won against Oshawa on the 5th in their rink.  These where both big wins for us; not only did it get us on track, it got us back to 500.  We really needed those wins.


The whole team looked a lot more comfortable out there this weekend which is also good.  The guys just need a few weeks to click and everything should start to fall into place. 


Another big thing that happed was the return of Adam Smyth.  He gave us a huge boost in the dressing room.  The only problem now is the awkward situation that it puts all of the overagers in.  It made them all nervous because we all know that there are going to have to be changes made soon.  Nobody wants to be the one to go... and nobody wants to see any of them go.  It's hard to say what will happen, but I hope that it goes smoothly.  Everyone of the four overage guys bring something different to the team.  Albiani, Baumer, Mitsou and Smyth are all good guys; we'll just have to wait and see.


Other then that, nothing really big happened.  We had practice and it's pretty basic.  We warm up the goalies, have some flow drills, do a little skating and it's nothing really out of the ordinary.  We do the same practice every day and only change it up every two or three days. 


I went and saw the movie Duplex also.  It's pretty good and also pretty funny.


One more thing before I go... Does anyone have any deodorant for Brody Todd?

That's it for now!


                                               -Julian Talbot

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